Taco y Taco puts Delicious Tacos on the Express Lane to Your Face in Las Vegas


Taco y Taco has some of the best Mexican food in Las Vegas hands down. Though they have two locations, the original location off Tropicana and Pecos is the better choice. It is not as loud or crowded, and it is easy to hear the staff behind the glass as they help you through the many options. There are different stations set up, each with someone ready to take your order and prepare it on the spot. Each site has its line, so if Burritos are not your destination, just move to the Taco line. Speed is the goal here, so rest assured that you’ll be eating some damn good tacos in just a few minutes. Once you have your chosen delicacies in hand, pay at the register then find a seat in the dining area.

Taco y Taco

Taco y Taco has an extensive selection of homemade salsas of all varieties and levels of spice as well as the traditional sides of radishes and Zanahorias en escabeche (those delicious pickled carrots).  At Taco y Taco everything is on display.  It is all fresh and made in house. The selection of meats are all prepared right in front and the staff is more than happy to explain what type of animal and where the meat comes from. From Lengua to Buche to Cesos to Cabeza. There are also plenty of options for the less adventurous with the famous Carne Asada or Pollo.

Taco y Taco

For starters, we ordered a lengua quesadilla and chose to add a few things like lettuce and guacamole, even though it’s nearly blasphemy, they did so even if they giggled a bit. The Mexican street corn is loaded with crema, cotija cheese, and spices. The real stars of the show are the tacos and all their variations.  Traditional tacos come with two small corn tortillas loaded with the meat of your choice and the appropriate toppings. There are a few other options in the taco line such as mulas, which are soft tortillas stuffed with meat and melted cheese (not unlike a mini-quesadilla).  There are also vampiros, which are the crunchy version of mulas. We ordered one of each of the tacos, mulas, and vampiros and a side of soyrizo (easily the most delicious meat substitute we have ever encountered). If we were given only one choice of food for the rest of our lives, we would choose the soyrizo from Taco y Taco.  Hey, vegetarians, you are starting to have it really good.

Taco y Taco
Mexican – East Side – $$

Buche Tacos
Lengua Vampiro
Carnitas Quesadilla
Real Coke from Mexico

Multiple lines exist. Check the numbers up above to find which line you’d like to be in. Al pastor has its own line!

Taco Y Taco Mexican Eatery
3430 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 331-3015


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