Nora’s Italian is the Perfect Place for Lunch or Dinner Off the Strip


Nora’s is an amazing little Italian restaurant just a few miles west of the Strip on Flamingo. To come to Nora’s is to eat with family. It’s the perfect place for lunch or dinner whether you are on a budget or looking to impress. Nora’s will deliver exactly what you are looking for.  Trust us because have come to Nora’s for many years and they never disappoint.

The front door opens to the small hostess stand and pizza kitchen with small tables for quick service.  To the left and the right are different dining rooms. The left is the dining room with white linen tabletops, and the right is the bar and live music side. The bar is large and its dark wood would trick you to thinking it is an antique.

We always choose the dining room as it is quieter and the habit began before the bar room even opened. The music drifts lightly on the air and does not impede the conversation. For the most part, the staff is all family and after only a few visits they will know you either by your name or by your order.

The menu is easy to read and the specials are worth investigating. The selection of sauces and pastas can make every experience unique. Garlic bread comes warm, crisp in the right places, and almost gooey in others. The appetizer selection has your regular favorites, but also a few items the average diner many not have encountered.

Our Steak and Arugula Bruschetta seemed daunting at first, but it was perfectly toasted. It gave in with each bite despite its large size. The Arancini, stuffed rice balls, were creamy and served steaming hot. Our Shrimp Scampi came al dente with cooked shrimp. We had every intention of taking some home but it never even made it to the box. The sauce was delicate and flavorful, not salty and no remnants of the alcohol left. Shrimp scampi is a popular dish, but rarely is it prepared this well. We did not make it to dessert this time, but based on past experience the tiramisu is fantastic.

The prices Nora’s offers are likely a big nod to its success.  Ever since they opened in 1991 they have done nothing but expand. Four people could eat here for under $100, and with wine likely under $150. This is possible because of the many fine products they create in house.  It has grown over the years to take over three storefronts thanks to its loyal customers.  Nora’s is opening a new location soon, and we are in the final weeks of the original hidden behind the Arby’s.  We look forward to meeting the new location.

Nora’s Italian Cuisine
6020 W Flamingo Rd #10, Las Vegas, NV 89103


9.7 Awesome
  • Experience 10
  • Quality 9
  • Value 10

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