Grouchy John’s Coffee is Rocket-Fueled Perfection With a Community Vibe


Grouchy John’s is where you go for the best service and coffee in town. It is where you go for fast Wi-Fi.  To mingle with friends. Meet new people. Paint while caffeinating.  Exchange books. Connect. Read. Discover.  And above all else, drink amazing coffee creations.  Grouchy John’s is just where you go. Located in a storefront now all its own, Grouchy John’s is much better than it looks.

Once inside, the ceilings stretch high and the walls display art from local artists. Tommy Vicci, whose style is cartoonish and playful, is often in the shop and hosting a painting class. There is Star Wars paraphernalia in every corner of the shop, as well as Grouchy John’s fan art. From the moment you walk in the delicious smell of fresh coffee that settles around you like a cozy blanket. The music is never too loud to interrupt conversation and it changes themes along with the shifts.

Coffee. This place loves its coffee. There are many varieties of coffee. You can come to Grouchy John’s a thousand times and never have the same thing. Fun blended drinks like the Evil Monkey. Iced drinks like Sweet Arnie. The name sake Grouchy John Latte. Three more words: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Two more: Real Pumpkin.

Here at Grouchy John’s they do not make your latte with a pump of pumpkin syrup but real pumpkin. It is the best in town by leaps and bounds. There is nothing else like it. The coffees range in price depending on the style.  Regular coffee starts at $2 with unlimited refills. The house coffee is pleasant and has put us through many years of school. The lattes are a bit more expensive but still under $4. Though the nitro is around $5 and has no refills, you will likely not need any. The caffeine concentration may be high enough to catch fire.

If you are not in the mood for coffee they have several smoothie options and homemade Italian sodas. Many different pastries are also available if you have a sweet tooth to calm. There is nowhere better to get a lunch wrap than here. For under $6 it is massive, stuffed with meat, cheese, and vegetables. It is perfect to split between two people for a lighter snack and will not harsh your caffeine buzz for a food coma.

The likelihood that the staff will remember you even after your first visit is high.  Many of the baristas have been here since its opening. The retention rate is so high because the owners Grouchy John and JJ are wonderful managers.  These two are often seen at the store working in every capacity. More than once we have seen JJ clean the bathroom and John mop the floors. This is their establishment and they treat it with all the love of a home. Grouchy John’s is never dirty or neglected.

This place has its own community, its own culture. They hold community drives for blood, books, toys, and supplies. There is always someway to give back here at Grouchy John’s. Not just through purchases, but through donations or volunteering opportunities.

What Grouchy John and JJ have created here is nothing short of astounding. It is so uplifting every time we come. There is something always unexpected along with the unparalleled service. JJ is known for his outrageous Halloween costumes.  He sometimes runs around the shop dressed as Elsa from Frozen just for fun. There is a poll each year to decide his costume based on popular vote on their Facebook page, check it out.

10.0 Perfection
  • Experience 10
  • Quality 10
  • Value 10

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