Downtowner Motel is Affordable Crash Pad in Downtown Las Vegas


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Located a few blocks east of the canopy of Fremont Street and recently renovated, the Downtowner Motel is a short walk from all the wonderful insanity Downtown Las Vegas is known for. The staff was helpful and it only took a few minutes to check in. The surrounding area is not known for its safety.  There are many security guards throughout the property, two of whom were in the lobby when we walked in. We chitchatted a bit about the location and downtown in general. They calmed any lingering worries by saying the location is relatively quiet, over the last couple of years the Downtown Rangers have helped expand the coverage and safety of the city and everyone works in tandem. They were in high spirits and we shared a few jokes while they offered to help with our bags.

The hotel and apartments are on opposite sides of the street, so once checking in at the front desk, you will have to walk across the street to the actual rooms. A parking pass is provided and there is plenty of parking. The key card will open both the main door to the facility and to your room. The Downtowner Motel is not riddled with amenities or extraneous items, it is meant as a room to sleep or relax in. It is a perfect spot to post of up when downtown is your goal, not time in a room. We did not encounter anything worrisome or uncomfortable during the entire stay, inside or outside. It was quiet and the other guests were bubbly and friendly.

The south wall of the motel portion of this establishment has a beautiful mural spanning its entire face. This is a direct result of the beautification process happening downtown and it is wonderful.  There is no doubt that the rooms are old. The wear and tear is obvious but it is a part of its charm. The cooling unit rattles away in a hole in the wall and competes with the southern summer heat, the unit wins the battle eventually and the room is cool and comfortable.

The bed is a full, the room would be cramped with anything larger, but a small desk near an outlet is available and the Wi-Fi is fast enough for bulk photo uploads. There are no phones in the rooms and the bathrooms are very small, but the building has stood for many years. The remodeling has improved it greatly, it looks like a university motel, complete with UNLV’s Scarlet and Gray theme. The Downtowner is perfect if you plan on playing at the bars and clubs off Fremont or not being in the room often. It is very similar to the individual rooms at hostels, though it lacks the community room to converse with fellow like-minded travelers.

The Downtowner Motel is not a resort. The motel itself is not the destination. The Downtowner Motel is meant to be a way to make the destination better. It is located far enough away from the noise of the inner city downtown area to allow for peaceful sleep but close enough to walk easily. The neighborhood is quiet and the other half of the motel are apartments. There is a sense of community with the residents and the staff move between a few properties the Downtowner Motel is associated with, inluding Gold Spike and Oasis. Millennials are everywhere enjoying the Wi-Fi and free morning coffee in the lobby. This is the generation that looks for adventures and value beyond amenities a location offers. The adventure lies outside the walls of the hotel, but knowing a safe bed will be waiting is always a great feeling.

The prices for the Downtowner Motel vary greatly due to the events happening downtown, from $27 to $250. This location would be perfect for a couple coming to enjoy the Life is Beautiful festival, but would be difficult to fit more than two comfortably without sleeping bags and a bit of ingenuity. Halfway to the event, the ability to skip the Strip traffic, and a room to crash makes this a prime spot for ravers coming for EDC.  The Downtowner may not be the newest hotel on the block, but don’t overlook this location when looking to enjoy the city and a great, close, and well-priced crash pad.

Downtowner Motel
29 N 8th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 553-2553

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